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Publication Title Series
2005 Elantris Elantris #1
2006 The Hope of Elantris Elantris #1.5
Mistborn: The Final Empire Mistborn (Era 1) #1
2007 The Well of Ascension Mistborn (Era 1) #2
2008 The Hero of Ages Mistborn (Era 1) #3
2009 Warbreaker Standalone
2010 The Way of Kings The Stormlight Archive #1
2011 The Alloy of Law Mistborn (Era 2) #1
2012 The Emperor's Soul Short Work
2013 Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell Dangerous Women Anthology
2014 Words of Radiance The Stormlight Archive #2
Sixth of the Dusk Shadows Beneath Anthology
2015 Shadows of Self Mistborn (Era 2) #2
2016 The Bands of Mourning Mistborn (Era 2) #3
Mistborn: Secret History Mistborn Era 1 (???)
2016 (forthcoming) White Sand Graphic Novel
2017 (forthcoming) Oathbringer (working title) The Stormlight Archive #3


The following are other confirmed upcoming cosmere stories.

  • The Lost Metal, the fourth and final Era 2 Mistborn novel.[1]
  • The Silence Divine, a novella[1] that will take place on Ashyn,[2] a planet on Greater Roshar.
  • Nightblood, the sequel to Warbreaker
  • Elantris sequel and Elantris finale, the sequels to Elantris. These will be written in between the break of Stormlight 5 and Stormlight 6, and needs to be written before the next Mistborn trilogy can be written.[1]
  • Era 3 Mistborn trilogy, the trilogy with Allomancy in a modern, 1980s technology level. This will be written in between the break of Stormlight 5 and Stormlight 6.[1]
  • Dark One, a young adult "series" that is centered on the individual destined to destroy the world, rather than save it.[1]
  • Skyward, a young adult cosmere novel[3]
  • Dragonsteel, the origin story of Hoid. This will not be written until after the Stormlight Archive is finished.[1]
  • Era 4 Mistborn trilogy, the science fiction trilogy. Hoid is a main character of this.[4] This will be one of the last known cosmere sequence, chronologically, and has much to do with the worlds coming together.[5]


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