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The 东部王领Eastern Crownlands was an area of land in the southeastern part of 阿勒斯卡.[1]

It contained the Deathbend River. It borders princedoms Bethab, Sebarial, Kholin, and possibly 萨纳达尔.[fn 1] The Eastern Crownlands formed the eastern shore of the 矛海 and was also bordered by the Unclaimed Hills to the west and the 霜冻之地 to the south. This is the area of land in Alethkar closest to the 破碎平原. The city of Rathalas is near the north of the Eastern Crownlands, although it is unclear whether it falls in the Crownlands or princedom Thanadal.

As the Eastern Crownlands did not appear to be attached to any highprince, it seems likely that they were the property of 艾尔霍卡, the king of Alethkar.


  1. The northern border of the Eastern Crownlands isn't clear