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—— 哈尔对卡拉丁吼道[1]

哈尔Harl is a thick-shouldered darkeyed man from 赫斯通 on 柔刹.[1]

In 1166, Harl's daughter 麦莎 fell a long ways and was seriously injured.[1] 卡拉丁 happened to be walking by, and did his best to treat her wounds. Harl was beside himself with fear, and initially tried to prevent Kaladin from helping Miasal. Several other men dragged Harl away so Kaladin could work. When he realized that Miasal had died he began shouting, shoving Kaladin aside and clutching his daughter's body. Harl wept holding his daughter's body for a long while.

At some point afterwards, Harl's wife also died from the scarfever.[2]

In 1168, with both his wife and daughter dead, Harl voluntarily enlisted in Highmarshal 梅里达斯·亚马兰's army along with Tien and 卡拉丁.[2]