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I’m tellin’ you, the boys are gettin’ jumpy. You can’t give ’em all this and never let ’em fire the bloody things. You’re gonna have to let the boys loose sooner or later, boss.
—— Clamps advising Miles to allow the Vanishers to hurt the wedding guests[2]

夹子性格乖张,喜欢滥施暴力。[1]他并不信奉迈尔斯·达古特的那一套复仇理论,加入消贼就是想参与暴力抢劫。[3] Clamps is an unpleasant and violent man.[1] He is brutal, willing to kill any who witness his crimes, including a whole group of Elendel beggars. Clamps would even let his men harm innocent bystanders simply because they had the opportunity to do so.[2] He claims to be dedicated to the Vanisher's cause, but in actuality he joined the group for the thrill of the robberies, rather than because he shares Miles' ideology.[3] This, along with his occasional insubordinate behavior and tone, causes some friction between him and Miles.[1]

他脖子上有疤痕,那是Church of the Survivor信仰的象征。[4]他不安的时候总会去抓脖子上的疤痕。[1] Clamps' face is fine-featured, and he often wears a scowl.[2]

Clamps has some knowledge of traps and explosives.[1]


Much is unknown about Clamps' early life, prior to his involvement with the Vanishers. At some point, as a sign of his devotion to the Survivor, Clamps was intentionally scarred along his arms.[4]

As a member of the Vanishers, Clamps served as third in command of the gang, behind Miles and Tarson.[1] Clamps' primary duty among the Vanishers was handling recruitment of new members, which he trained and managed in a foundry in Longard.[5] Clamps recruited all of Miles' men. Clamps accompanied Miles and the Vanishers to the Yomen-Ostlin wedding dinner.[2] He told Miles that the men he recruited were itching to use the guns they had been given on the dinner guests. After High Lord Waxillium Ladrian and Wayne defeated the Vanishers in a gunfight at the dinner, several of the men Clamps had recruited were captured.[5] One of the captured men, Sindren, and several others were later tricked by Wayne into confirming that they had been recruited by Clamps.

Clamps and the other Vanishers left the foundry, and Clamps placed a series of explosive traps to try to kill Waxillium Ladrian and Wayne, which he promised Miles would be successful.[1] Clamps then continued to recruit more men to replace those killed and captured during the wedding raid. He was at the foundry beneath the Ironspine Building when the Vanishers relocated there, and Miles met with Mister Suit, but did not participate or observe the conversation. Clamps watched over the men as they prepared for their raid on the Breaknaught.[3] He accompanied the Vanishers on their raid on the car and then returned with them to their lair beneath the Ironspine Building.[4]

Clamps' ultimate fate is so far unknown, it is not certain whether he was killed in the gunfight below the Ironspine Building, captured by the constables, or if he escaped from justice.