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本页面列举了各种衍生作品的媒体版权Media rights。It includes only the current rights-holders (or most recent rights-holder in the event of a lapsed option that has not been re-sold). NOT included are rights-holders who once held an option that has since lapsed and been re-sold, for these please check the individual adaption's article.

Properties that are under option are highlighted in tan, properties in production/development in blue, and released works in green. Properties that have had their options lapse are highlighted in red.


原作 公司 状态 改编 参考
Mistborn: The Final Empire Applied Allomancy[1] Optioned Mistborn film [2]
The Reckoners
(Steelheart & Firefight)
21 Laps (20th Century Fox) Optioned Steelheart (film) [3] [2]
The Emperor's Soul DMG Entertainment Optioned [2]
Warbreaker DMG Entertainment Optioned [2]
Elantris DMG Entertainment Optioned [2]
The Stormlight Archive DMG Entertainment Optioned [2]
Legion Lionsgate Lapsed



原作 公司 状态 改编 参考
Mistborn Little Orbit In Development Mistborn: Birthright [4]


原作 公司 状态 改编 参考
Mistborn Crafty Games Released Mistborn Adventure Game


原作 公司 状态 改编 参考
Mistborn Crafty Games In Development Final Empire (board game) [5]
The Stormlight Archive unknown In Development


  1. 【附注】Applied Allomancy is owned by the same people who own Little Orbit.
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