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Bluth is described as "slab-faced" and having "eyes like beads of dark glass."[2]


Later, after Kaladin had been sold to Highprince Sadeas's army to become a bridgeman, Bluth was still part of Tvlakv's expedition when Shallan Davar stumbled into their camp after she was shipwrecked.[4] During this time, Shallan used Bluth as if he were her personal footman or servant, even though Tvlakv hadn't given any instructions for Bluth to serve Shallan.

Tvlakv's group eventually comes under pursuit by a group of deserters. During a period of relative calm, Shallan begins drawing a sketch of Bluth—her first sketch of a person after being shipwrecked.[5] She was unsatisfied with the sketch, deciding that Bluth was a bad way to restart her collection.[5] She redraws Bluth idealized as a spearman in an army and shows him the picture: not as he is, but as he once might have been, a hero.[5][6] Bluth later steals this picture.[7][6]

Shallan was surprised to see that Bluth could read glyphs, although he apparently did not want her to notice this about him.[7]

Tvlakv's group eventually comes across another caravan that has been attacked by a second group of bandits. When the bandits attack again, Shallan orders Bluth to take her to the deserters, where she convinces the deserters to help them repel the bandit attack.[7] Bluth also assists in the defense but is killed.[6] As Shallan examines his body, she finds her stolen drawing of him and changes her assessment that Bluth was a bad way to restart her collection.[6]


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