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Cusicesh the ProtectorCusicesh the Protector is an extremely large 灵体 in Kasitor Bay in 伊里 on 柔刹.[1] It appears to be the only one of its type, which was unknown.

At exactly seven forty-six in the morning every day, it rises from the waters of the bay, sending out an illusory wake. At over one hundred feet tall, it is one of the largest spren 亚克西斯 studied. It is a translucent blue color, ranging from deep blue in the center to a lighter blue on the surface. It forms four long arms and a face looking toward the 飓源 that shifts through male and female human faces. Some of the people of Kasitor worship it, placing golden pedestals out to honor it. It commonly leaves a feeling of being "drained" in those who witness it.

When 沙兰·达瓦 questions her spren 图腾 about the 虚渡s, he mentions 仇恨 and she considers that it might be another large spren like Cusicesh.[2]