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A Horneater's occupation is determined at birth. First and second sons make food, third sons are craftsmen, and fourth sons are warriors.[2] It is unknown what more fertile families do with the later children.

Horneaters seem to be a generally peaceful group. At one point, Rock tells Bridge Four about their duelling system, saying that the two men would drink mudbeer and sing until one of them gives up. The point is that by the end of the duel, no one will recall why they were fighting.[3]


  • Lunu'anaki - Unkalaki god of travel and mischief.[4]



Typical Unkalaki names are quite long, forming a poem.[3]

  • Numuhukumakiaki’aialunamor - Rock's real name, describes a very special rock.[3]
  • Unulukuak’kina’autu’atai - One of Shallan's aliases, meaning yet unknown.[5]


  • ali’i’kamura
With ali’i’kamura to protect, perhaps it will be safe.
—— Rock[2]
  • kaluk’i’iki - Only a woman can be called this title.
When you are able to travel that far without being eaten by chasmfiend or killed in floods, I shall name you my kaluk’i’iki.
—— Rock to Kaladin[2]
  • mafah’liki - Unkalaki concept of spren.[6]
  • nuatoma - Unkalaki concept of nobility or ruling class, the same as Alethi lighteyes.[7]
  • tana’kai - Similar to a king, but has further meanings.[4]
  • tuma’alki
Spices they have for us to requisition are tuma’alki!
—— Rock[8]
  • Uli’tekanaki
I cannot fight. What man could do this thing before the Uli’tekanaki?
—— Rock[2]
  • umarti’a - A cousin of someone.[7]