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The Alloy of Law
作者 [美] 布兰登·桑德森
译者 刘媛
流派 奇幻
设定 三界宙 · 司卡德瑞尔
系列 迷雾之子
出版社 中国.png 重庆出版社<
30px 奇幻基地
美国.png Tor出版社
中国.png 2012年5月(旧版)
中国.png 2016年3月(新版)
30px 2010年1月
美国.png 2006年7月17日
媒介 纸质书
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执法镕金The Alloy of Law is the fourth book set on 司卡德瑞尔 and takes place 341 years after the events of The Hero of Ages. The events from the Mistborn trilogy are now legend, history, and religion.

The book follows 瓦克斯利姆·拉德利安, a descendant of 微风 and former lawman who returns from the Roughs to assume leadership of his house in the wake of his uncle's passing, and 韦恩 - Wax's formidable partner and old friend. The two of them are 双生师, with both one Allomantic power and one Feruchemical power.

Plot Summary


瓦克斯利姆·拉德利安 is a lawman of the Roughs, the harsh outland far from civilized society where it is said honor goes to die. In the wake of his uncle's death, Wax is summoned back to Elendel to assume his duties as the lord of 拉德利安家族. Despite trying to acclimatise to the radically different lifestyle and settle down with an arranged marriage - 史特芮丝·哈姆司, daughter of Lord Harms, a wealthy but stern woman is to be married to Wax to secure a future for the both of their houses - Wax realises it's not in his nature to simply put down his guns. That's when an old friend shows up with a proposition.

Wax and Wayne are old partners, close friends, and are both incredibly powerful Twinborn. With Wax's return to the city, Wayne was left in charge of Weathering, a small town out in the Roughs, appearing now on the trail of the 消贼; an infamous gang of thieves renowned for their bizarre theatrics and efficiency. Wax's desire to investigate the recent robberies itches at him.

Putting on appearances for the public eye Wax and Steris attend the wedding reception hosted by the Yomens. They meet with Lord Harms and Steris' cousin, Marasi. Wayne speaks with Wax while Steris and Lord Harms are not around - Marasi had recognised him through his waiter's disguise, having attended the previous meeting at Wax's house with her cousin and uncle where he impersonated Wax's uncle on his mother's side. They each confirm their suspicions to the link shared by the Vanishers' kidnappings, right before the ballroom is invaded by the Vanishers themselves.

Steris is taken hostage while Wax attempts to calm Wayne. Marasi is also kidnapped but in the ensuing gun battle instigated by Wax and Wayne she is able to break free of her captors and provide assistance in the fight. Steris is kidnapped and the trio manage to overcome the staggering number of Vanishers without causing a single casualty amongst the bystanders. In the aftermath, while Wax has an arguement with the local Octant's constable Captain, Brettin, Wayne steals an gun from the evidence pile, giving it to Wax.

The next day, Marasi visits the Ladrian mansion to find Wax deep in his work with metallurgy, trying to determine the exact alloy of the gun Wayne had given him. Realising he'd been up all night, Wax shows her what else he'd been working on, pulling out a genealogical tree plotted by himself using information in his uncle's library. Marasi leads him to a startling discovery before Wayne shows up with a report on his own investigation; Wayne had infiltrated the Fourth Octant constabulary to gain knowledge of the Vanishers' hideout from the prisoners.

Tillaume - Wax's butler - brews Wax a tea and Wayne takes it for himself. Going back to make another and Wayne suddenly declares, passively, that the tea is poisoned before collapsing to the floor. Tillaume turns to face Wax, pistol in hand, but Wax gains the upper hand. While Wax is checking on Wayne, who has slightly recovered from the poison thanks to his goldmind, Marasi cries out as she notices Tillaume activating the bomb he'd brought with him. Wayne throws up a speed bubble just as the explosion bursts from the basket. Wax increases his weight Feruchemically and breaks through to the floor below with Marasi on top and Wayne following to land on both of them. They escape the explosion but Wayne is left badly burnt with so little of his goldmind remaining.

After surviving the assassination attempt, the three of them sneak out of the mansion and head for the location of the Vanishers hideout. There they find clues to the nature of their operations and a strong indicator as to who's leading them. 迈尔斯·达古特, or Miles "Hundredlives" as he's known. It is also made clear of Marasi's Allomantic power as a Pulser that Wax attempts to console her rather bitter feelings towards. Meanwhile, Miles talks to Mister Suit, their mysterious benefactor. He berates Miles for failing at the Yomen party and losing so many men and equipment and Miles is forced to assure Suit that Wax will be dealt with.

In the Outer Estates, Wax investigates the scene of one of the Vanishers' robberies with Wayne imposing personal and what he probably thinks, important, questions on Marasi about her affection for Wax. They discuss their theories before heading back into the city via train. There it is Miles attacks Wax and almost kills him in the their fight. Using his skills Wax is able to knock Miles from the train. Needing a place to lay low for awhile Ranette gets a visit she's most unappreciative of, shoving a shotgun in Wax's face. Wayne bribes their way into her affection by giving her Wax's aluminum gun, much to his dismay.

Ranette provides Wax with a set of Hazekiller rounds and a new gun - a prototype that she named "Vindication" after the Ascendant Warrior. Sending Wayne and Marasi on supply runs, Wax sits down to plot where the Vanishers will strike next. The Tekiel's 防破号 seems the prime target set to make it's maiden trip tomorrow. With a craftily planned distraction, Wax manages to slip aboard the Breaknaught and it sets off with him inside.

The Vanishers show up as expected and Wayne and Marasi watching from afar witness how the Vanishers pull off their robberies. Lifting the entire car off the tracks, a canal boat and crane steal the Breaknaught, replacing the stolen car with a replica. In Miles' workshop he makes an educated guess that Wax is inside the Breaknaught. Wrenching the door out of its frame the inside of the safe is still. Miles notices the length of string tied to the back of the door from the interior of the safe, shortly before Wax, hidden inside, pulls the string tight and setting off the dynamite taped to the back of the door.

Wax evades the Vanishers in their warehouse and comes up against Tarson. The Pewterarm knocks Vindication from his grip and the roof explodes, permitting Wayne to drop down and save Wax. Wayne confronts Tarson and Wax leaps for Vindication which is Pushed up through the roof by Mister Suit's Coinshot thug. Retrieving it, Wax has a fierce battle outside with the Coinshot and now a Lurcher. Marasi brings down the Lurcher with her rifle, but the Coinshot forces Wax and Marasi back into the warehouse. Wax rushes the Vanishers to help out Wayne before noticing Miles. Throwing himself inside the train car Miles follows and is caught in Wax's trap shortly before blowing himself up to escape. Wax is seriously injured and Wayne in turn is shot trying to assist Wax.

Wax has an odd conversation with Harmony and finds the trunk Tillaume had stored his guns in. Emerging from the mists with his mistcloak on, re-armed, he shoots Miles before Miles can do anything. Wax kills the Coinshot with one of Ranette's Hazekiller rounds and goes after Miles, saving Steris and Nouxil in the process before demolishing the entire building. Tarson appears with Marasi as a hostage and Wayne puts up a speed bubble that Wax uses to kill Tarson. Wayne escapes and Wax fights Miles barehanded. Miles overpowers Wax thanks to his healing ability until it becomes apparent that it was just a delaying tactic to allow Wayne to mobilise the constabulary. Marasi has had them in a bubble (slowing down time for those inside), allowing the constabulary to get there and arrest Miles.

Back at the constabulary, Marasi is turned down by Wax and Wax receives a forbearance from Brettin. This surprises Wax at Brettin's sudden change in character[1] but he is thankful. Steris shows a little vulnerability and Wax agrees that they should go ahead with their engagement, though he feels a slight regret for Marasi.

Marasi watches Miles execution and Wax tracks down his uncle. Wax had suspected his uncle was still alive and playing the role of Mister Suit. 爱德温·拉德利安 still has possession of the kidnapped women and Wax's sister. Thinking his uncle broke, Edwarn shows Wax the broadsheet that announces Tekiel's collapse because of the robberies, explaining that they, Edwarn and his associates, bought the Tekiel's business. With no proof to incriminate his uncle Wax grows angry. He has to restrain himself from pulling out a gun but he assures his uncle that he will one day kill him.

Back at Mile's execution, Marasi turns to leave when Hundredlives is finally dead and notices a strange figure. She follow him through alleyways until eventually coming face-to-face with Ironeyes. The former Inquisitor gives Marasi a book to give to Wax, saying that he gave it to Marasi because Wax would likely shoot him for his appearance. Ironeyes reveals he is an agent of Harmony, and that he wishes for Wax to be sufficiently informed.

Meeting up with Wayne, Wax shows him the pocket book he swiped from his uncle containing appointments and notes. Wax is determined to stop his uncle.

He would see this to the end. Roughs honor. When one of your own went bad, it was your job to see the mess cleaned up.
—— Last lines of the Epilogue



He is the descendant of Breeze and an extremely powerful Twinborn. Returning to his estates in Elendel, after spending most of his life in the Roughs, Wax is set on assuming his duties to his house until a new threat emerges - one that very much pulls him into the fray.
Wax's smart-mouthed, talented partner and long time friend. Like his friend, Wayne is a Twinborn but he doesn't fight with guns like Wax.[2] Instead using duelling canes and speed bubbles as his main strategy. He has a knack for impersonation and a penchant for "trading" items in others' possession with something of his own.
The "cousin" of Steris Harms who is actually the illegitimate daughter of Lord Harms and, therefore, half-sister to Steris. She studies "legal justice and criminal behaviouristics"[3] and is particularly interested in Wax and Wayne's exploits in the Roughs.
Also known as Miles "Hundredlives" is the primary antagonist in The Alloy of Law. Once an associate of Wax, his ideals have driven him to lead the Vanishers to their criminal behaviour. He is also a Twinborn, able to compound gold and appear as if immortal, hence his nickname.


The daughter of Lord Harms and Wax's fiancee. She is stern and business-like, showing a distaste for most of Wax's personality as she holds the image society has determined to be of the utmost importance. She is kidnapped by Miles and Wax, Wayne and Marasi manage to rescue her.
One of Miles' lieutenants in the Vanishers. He is of koloss blood and a Pewter Allomancer, making an extremely deadly combo of physical strength. At the Yomen party he tries to kidnap Marasi but is stopped by Wax. And again after the Breaknaught is stolen, except this time Wax shoots him in the head, killing him.
She is a marvellous gunsmith who harbours a sour feeling for both Wax and Wayne. When they visit her she almost shoots them. After being given an aluminium gun she lends Wax her newest gun, Vindicator, that is specially designed to be used by only Coinshots or Lurchers.
Wax's presumed dead uncle masquerading as Mister Suit, the mysterious benefactor of the Vanishers and a member of a powerful aristocratic secret society known only as the “组织”. Edwarn's motives are revealed at the end of Alloy when Wax determines him to still be alive and confronts him.
Lord Harms
The father of Steris and later revealed father of Marasi to a different woman. He accompanies Steris to her liaisons with Wax before she is kidnapped. He seems amused when Wax succeeds in shocking Steris with stories of his past. Marasi informs Wax that Harms is willing to financially back Wax in his investigation of the Vanishers.


Known adherants - Waxillium Ladrian
Pathians pray to Harmony for 15 minutes each day in no set posture. Their one basic tenet describes:
"Do more good than harm."[4]
Harmony is not worshipped; rather, performing altruistic actions is the worship for a Pathian. A Pathian will usually wear an earring while praying, a simple thing stamped on the head with the ten interlocking rings of the Path.[5]

The earring acts as a Hemalurgic spike, allowing Harmony to communicate with Wax on several occasions. He received it from MeLaan[5], a 坎得拉 who now serve Harmony as his agents and are known to the world as Faceless Immortals.[6]

Known adherents - 史特芮丝·哈姆司
Survivorism is an evolution of the Church of the Survivor and retains much the same doctrines, albeit altered for modern use. Survivorists regard Ironeyes as an icon of death and worship Kelsier and Vin as deities.
Known adherents - Joshin and Mi'chelle[3]
Sliverists worship Ironeyes himself. Steris has a distaste for people that do.
Known adherents - 迈尔斯·达古特
Why had Trell made men like him, if not to see wrongs righted?
—— Miles, The Alloy of Law
Little is known of the religion except that Trell is supposed to have made metalborns. The Words of Founding are said to contain a lengthy explanation of Trellism and its teachings, which indicates that metalborns were special.[7] There are theories[8] on the origins of this religion but most of what is known comes from Miles' perspective.
In the novel Mistborn, Trell is referenced as the god of the Nelazan people, who were said to have lived far to the North in Pre-Ascension times. The Nelazan worshipped darkness, glorifying the stars as the "Thousand Eyes of Trell" and dismissing the sun as profane. Their intricate star maps enabled Sazed to place Scadrial back in its proper orbit at the conclusion of Hero of Ages. The connection between this ancient religion and its incarnation in Alloy of Law is unclear.

Notable Historical Figures

In the original trilogy Sazed took up the Shards of both 存留 and 灭绝 to become Harmony. He is worshipped on Scadrial in the time of Alloy of Law as a god by Pathians.
Lord Mistborn
Spook is arguably the most prominent historical person in Elendel; the most powerful Mistborn of his time. He is renowned for writing in word most of Elendel's law, which Marasi remarks on one in which all trees in Elendel are required to produce edible food.
Ascendant Warrior
Vin is noted by Marasi as a role model to modern women for defying societal conventions. This particularly plays into the "Real Women Never Wear Dresses" trope[9] as Marasi occasionally fights, influenced by Vin's actions. There is a monument dedicated to her and Elend Venture in the Field of Rebirth at the center of Elendel. [2]
He is revered as a boogeyman, a legend to scare people. After surviving the Final Ascension, Marsh assumed his former nickname as "Ironeyes" and served the interests of Harmony despite his reputation. During the events of The Alloy of Law, Marasi encountered Ironeyes. Marsh has stayed alive so long through the same technique the Lord Ruler employed with 天金.[10]
The group that survived the Final Ascension with the Lord Mistborn 300 years ago.
The Last Emperor
After his death at the end of the original trilogy, Elend Venture became known as The Last Emperor. There is a tomb dedicated to him and his wife, Vin, in the Field of Rebirth at the center of Elendel.[2]


欲寻more about the series,请见:Mistborn Era 2Disambig.png

There will be three other books in the Allow of Law series, the first two entitled Shadows of Self and Bands of Mourning. The expansion of the series is not to be taken for the second Mistborn trilogy but rather a stand-alone story set in between the first and second trilogies. Shadows of Self is scheduled to be released in October 6, 2015 and Bands of Mourning is scheduled for release in January 2016.[11]


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  • Complex Chinese rights to Fantasy Foundation
  • French rights to Orbit France
  • German rights to Heyne
  • UK rights to Gollancz[13]


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