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Graves is a lighteyed mercenary. He is usually impeccably dressed. He claims to be an Alethi patriot. He has a set of Shards (Plate and Blade). It is mentioned by Moash that Graves is an excellent shot with a bow and arrow.[2]

According to Moash he's married to a dark-eyed woman, and has multiple children one of which is a "one-eye", presumably affected by heterochromia.[3]

Assassination plot

He was introduced to Kaladin by Moash, who had ties with him before Moash was made a bridgeman. Danlan is in his retinue. Graves works for Taravangian and attempts to enact the Diagram. He informs Moash that until he is given specific orders, he is allowed to pursue his own interests and goals. He chooses to assassinate King Elhokar so that Dalinar could take the Alethi throne, making him an ally of the Diagram. He was present with Moash in the Pinnacle when Kaladin rescued Elhokar. He and Moash fled the Shattered Plains after the Battle of Narak.[4]


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