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Meridas Amaram
别译 阿玛朗
头衔 撒迪亚斯公国的轩领主
分类 亚马兰家族
阵营 撒迪亚斯公国
种族 光眼种
民族 阿勒斯卡人
宗教 沃林教(狂热教徒)
发色 黑色
瞳色 浅褐色
肤色 褐色
阶职 碎瑛武士
上级 托洛尔·撒迪亚斯
大陆 柔刹
世界 柔刹
小说 飓光志
配图:by Botanica
—— 夺走原属卡拉丁碎瑛武器、屠尽卡拉丁的部下后,亚马兰如是说[1]

光明贵人梅里达斯·亚马兰Meridas Amaram阿勒斯卡境内撒迪亚斯公国光眼种将领。[2]


He is a highmarshal in service of Highprince Torol Sadeas,[3] and has to watch over northern Alethkar while his highprince fights in the Vengeance Pact on the Shattered Plains. Because of the continuous skirmishes at Alethkar's borders he is in permanent need of new soldiers. Eventually he comes through Hearthstone for recruitment. Hearthstone's citylord Roshone -- apparently Amaram's distant cousin -- commits Tien to be a recruit, which results in Kaladin volunteering for service in order to protect Tien; though Amaram promises Lirin to stint Tien's duty to be a messenger boy.[2] Amaram doesn't keep his promise, and Tien dies in his very first battle,[4] leaving Kaladin in a bitter grief.


Years later, shortly before the four years tour of Kaladin's duty ended, an unidentified Veden Shardbearer (later revealed to be Helaran Davar) attacks Amaram during one of these border skirmishes. Kaladin fights and kills this Shardbearer, but refuses to claim his Shards and gives the the Shardplate and Shardblade to his men.[5] Amaram, however, kills the survivors of Kaladin's squad before his eyes and take the Shardplate and Shardblade for himself. He tells Kaladin that, as a mercy, he will not kill him but brand him as slave and sell him, claiming Kaladin was a deserter.[1]

When Kaladin is a bridgeman in Sadeas's warcamp rumors say that "Amaram the Shardbearer" is on his way to the Shattered Plains.[6]

'Were you with him when he won his Shards?' 'No,' Kaladin said softly. 'Nobody was.'
—— Kaladin's answer to Skar's question[6]


Shortly after the Battle of the Tower, Amaram arrives on the Shattered Plains and is greeted as an old friend by Dalinar.[7] Kaladin tells Dalinar about Amaram's betrayal [8], and Dalinar promises to look into the matter, although he cannot take one man's word as proof.

During his time on the Shattered Plains, Amaram works with both Dalinar and Sadeas. He fights for Sadeas, even leading a plateau run that violates Dalinar's new schedule, but afterwards argues in favor of cooperation and a united Alethkar.[9] He refuses to switch his allegiance to Dalinar, despite being a high enough rank to do so, in order to act as a mediator for the two Highprinces. [10]

When Shallan sneaks into Amaram's home for the Ghostbloods [11], she discovers a room full of maps showing the Shattered Plains, marked with notes about the Parshendi and their knowledge of the Voidbringers, along with references to Urithiru, which Amaram believes can be reached through Stormseat at the center of the Shattered Plains.[12] The notes use the stormwarden script, a form of glyphs adapted into a more complete writing system. Shallan notes that exposing Amaram as a stormwarden would damage his reputation.

When Dalinar officially refounds the Knights Radiant, he appoints Amaram as their leader.[13]


During Adolin's duel with Elit Ruthar, Relis Ruthar, Abrobadar and Jakamav, Highprince Dalinar requests that Amaram step in to help Adolin and Renarin, but Amaram does nothing, ignoring his friend's son in need. Kaladin proceeds to jump in and assist.

After the fight is won, Kaladin uses his boon to accuse and challenge Amaram to a duel. Elhokar demands Kaladin be executed for his insult.[14]


At Dalinar's request,[15] Amaram investigates Taln. Unlike many others in the camps, Amaram is reverent of Taln, calling him "Great Prince," and eager to hear what he has to say.[16]

Gavilar, we have done it. We have finally done it.
—— Amaram upon meeting Taln [16]

Dalinar asks Amaram to look into "rumors" regarding Taln having a Shardblade. Amaram steals the Blade and tells Dalinar that there is no basis to the rumors,[15] not realizing that Dalinar had bonded the Blade and left it as bait.[17] When Amaram steals it and then lies to Dalinar, Dalinar confronts him, and Amaram confesses to killing Kaladin's men. Dalinar forces him to apologize to Kaladin and strips him of his rank as leader of the Knights Radiant.


Following the battle at the center of the Shattered Plains and the arrival of the everstorm, Amaram writes a letter to Restares, a member of the Sons of Honor, informing him of their success: the Voidbringers have returned, which will surely prompt the Heralds to do the same. He returns to the monastery building where Taln is housed and frees him. Taln stops an attempt by the Ghostbloods to assassinate Amaram, and Amaram leads him to his coach[18]