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Marasi Colms
分类 司卡德瑞尔
宗教 幸存者教
职业 执法者
能力 Pulser
父母 父亲 Jackstom Harms
同辈 史特芮丝
城市 依蓝戴
世界 司卡德瑞尔
小说 Mistborn Era 2
配图:© exmakina

玛拉席·科姆斯Marasi Colms is a Pulser[1] on Scadrial. She studies law and is a fan of Wax, Wayne, and the other Roughs lawmen.[2]


Marasi Colms was born as the illegitimate child of Jackstom Harms and is half sister to Steris[3]. Through most of her childhood she was constantly reminded that she was useless to her family, useless as an heir due to her illegitimacy, and useless as an allomancer due to few uses for slowing down time. As a result Marasi has a strong desire to be important and accomplished in the world so she would feel less useless[4]. Marasi also finds criminals and law keepers fascinating, explaining that she is interested in how a person from a normal background can grow up to be so much more or less moral than the people around them. These two desires culminated in her deciding to go to university as a legal justice and criminal behavioristics major. After learning about Waxillium and Wayne as two famous law keepers from the roughs, she convinces her father to let her accompany him and Steris to discuss a possible marriage between Steris and Wax. She hides her illegitimacy by pretending to be Steris' cousin. On one of these meetings the criminal group called the Vanishers attacks and kidnaps Steris, and attempts to kidnap her, but Wax saves her. She then follows Wax and Wayne and helps them defeat the Vanishers and save Steris. Afterwards, she becomes a constable serving under Constable-General Claude Aradel.


Marasi is a Pulser, she has the ability to burn cadmium to slow time down in a bubble around herself. She considers this ability practically useless, although she admits to having used it to make anticipated events come faster. She is jealous of Wayne's slider ability as it has many more applications then her own. In the final confrontation with Miles Dagouter Marasi uses her pulser ability to slow time down around herself and Miles, thus allowing a large group of constables to surround the place while Miles is fighting with Wax.

Marasi has also shown that she is a very good shot with a rifle, and is part of the ladies' target club at her university[5].


Marasi is very intelligent and level headed, but blushes deeply whenever anything involving romance or sexuality is brought up.

She chose to study legal justice and criminal behavioristics due to her fascination with human morality. She believes that most people are generally good by inertia, as that is what society expects them to be. Thus she is intrigued by the people who stand out as much more or less moral than average without any clear motivation to be. She knows many facts and statistics about criminal behavior and often cites them during times of distress. When she is in shock from almost being kidnapped she immediately mentions that "7 out of 10 kidnappings can be foiled by appropriate resistance on the part of the target" [5].

In contrast to her level headed approach toward danger, Marasi is easily embarrassed by romantic and sexual topics. In her anatomy class at university it was very common to watch her reactions when learning about the male body. She is embarrassed about studying criminal behavior in school as it is not considered very lady like. Whenever Wayne jokes about her being attractive she stammers and does not properly reply.

As she continues to follow Wax and Wayne Marasi begins to grow feeling for Wax. While she never openly admits them Wax gently refuses her and is still considering an official marriage to Sterris.

Criminal Justice Theories

Marasi has many theories on criminal behavior and justice that she talks about with Wax throughout her time with him.

  • The city actually has half the amount of law keepers per population than the roughs does, and has more unsolved murders and petty crimes.
  • Broken Windows theory: The best way to lower crime in an area is through renovation. A man is more likely to break a window if he sees broken windows around him.
  • Deviations: When exploring a crime scene, finding the deviations from typical patterns, then finding out why they deviated will often yield something on the criminals.


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