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禀赋Endowment阿多拿西神瑛之一。[1]祂是Nalthis上的唯一神瑛。[2] 其Vessel是一位女性,名曰艾吉里[3][4]

Endowment is related to Awakening, which makes sense given its intent, that Endowment's magic would be to endow Breath to another.


Endowment is responsible for the Returned.[1] The Returneds' "divine Breath" is a Splinter of Endowment.[5]


  • She is fine with her Breath being used to feed the Returned.[6]

Theories and Speculation

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The Tears of Edgli

The Tears of Edgli, a flower in Hallandren, are related to Endowment somehow.[7] It is thought that perhaps the Tears are Endowment's Physical aspect, as atium is to Ruin or lerasium is to Preservation, but this has been consistently RAFO'd.

Letters to Hoid

By process of elimination, it is likely that Endowment is the author of the first of the three letters written to Hoid by various Shards, as she is one of the two remaining candidates who is not already dead.[8][9]


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