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分类 跃界者
阵营 鬼血会
种族 人类
民族 泰勒拿人
发色 黑色
瞳色 浅紫色
阶职 跃界者
能力 跃界
上级 萨尔达卡
下属 沙兰·达瓦
师从 伊雅蒂
世界 柔刹
系列 飓光志
小说 光辉真言
配图:© Botanica

穆里兹Mraize is a member of the Ghostbloods on Roshar. He is a worldhopper[1] and might be in possession of Tears of Edgli, among other artifacts. His name is unknown, as the term "Mraize" is a title, not a name. He corrects Shallan when she attempts to call him 'Brightlord.' Shallan mentions that the title is not Vorin in origin, and difficult to pronounce. As he also refers to Iyatil as his babsk, a Thaylen title, it is evidenced that he is from Thaylenah.[2][3]


Mraize has jet black hair and light violet eyes. His face and hands are both covered in scars, including one which crosses his cheek vertically and deforms his upper lip. He is almost always sharply dressed in fine suits, wearing white the first time Shallan Davar meets him. He wears a golden signet ring on his middle finger with the three-diamond symbol of the Ghostbloods.

Mraize has a refined air which seems to conflict with his scarred appearance. He usually speaks quietly and calmly, with an accent Shallan cannot recognize. Despite his cultured manner, he is not always serious, growing warm and friendly when Shallan has impressed him. Something about him reminds Shallan of Hoid when she first sees him, though she quickly denies any resemblance when he turns toward her.[2]

Despite his occasional likeable air, he has no problem with killing, or even letting his allies attempt to kill someone he is interested in, as he gives the other Ghostbloods permission to attempt to assassinate Shallan before she becomes a full member. He mentions he likes to learn the local weapons of cultures he wants to understand. He makes use of a blowgun with poisoned darts which is apparently a Parshendi hunting weapon.[4] He also speaks of torturing Shallan for information as "fun."[2]


Shallan Davar
Mraize is Shallan's superior within the Ghostbloods organization, and is the one who gives her most of her missions with them. However, Shallan sees him as an enemy who she needs to work against, and that she only does as he asks in order to discover more about him. Mraize originally knows her by the codename "Veil", and sees her as a valuable and competent asset with many skills. He often calls her "little knife" when speaking with her. By the time the Alethi are starting to occupy Urithiru after its rediscovery, he has discovered her true identity, but simply believes this makes her more valuable, should he be able to convince her to continue working with the Ghostbloods.
At first glance, Iyatil seems to be one of Mraize's lackeys, and a fellow Ghostbloods member, or perhaps his second-in-command. She is the one who follows Shallan while Mraize is investigating her, and presumably reports back to him. However, with Shallan, Iyatil mentions that he is her student, not her master, making her a viable candidate for his babsk.[5]
Mraize speaks of him as an enemy of the Ghostbloods. Considering that Amaram reports to Restares, it is likely that he is the leader of the Sons of Honor and are opposed to Ghostblood causes.[4]
Mraize refers to him as Master Thaidakar, and sends the information Shallan manages to get from Amaram to him. Possibly a superior within the Ghostbloods or an unaffiliated ally.[4]
While Mraize and Taravangian do not interact, Adrotagia, one of Taravangian's companions, makes a note on the Diagram wondering if a section of it refers to Mraize. Mraize seems to be speaking of Taravangian when he says "I'm not worried about that one. The old fool sows chaos, but does not reach for the power offered by opportunity. He hides in his insignificant city, listening to its songs, thinking he plays in world events. He has no idea. His is not the position of the hunter."[4]


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