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The Battle of Narak is a major event during the War of Reckoning on Roshar. The battle ended the war and ushered in the True Desolation.


In an attempt to unite the High Prices and end the war, Dalinar proposed a joint assault deep into the Shattered Plains. The armies of Aladar, Kholin, Roion, and Sebarial attacked Narak during the weeping, a period of four weeks with no Highstorm.

The battle

The Parshendi had recently discovered Storm Form. Though they had a distinct manpower disadvantage, the form of power helped them put up a stiff resistance. Their strategy centered around defending a group of Parshedni singers in the rear, who were attempting to summon a storm. The Alethi armies eventually routed the Parshendi and halted the singing. However during the battle the Parshendi successfully summoned the Everstorm, a Highstorm which travels from west to east. At the same time the Stormfather summoned and unexpected Highstorm. Faced with destruction at the hands of the converging storms, the Alethi were able to escape via the Stormseat Oathgate to Urithiru.[1] This was accomplished when Shallan found and activated the Oathgate on a perfectly round plateau at the very center of the Shattered Plains.

Kaladin, having just stated the third ideal of the Windrunners, revealed his powers during the battle. He fought and killed Szeth, taking his Honorblade in the aftermath.


War of Reckoning
Battle of the Tower 纳拉克之战 Everstorm
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