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Roion is a highprince of Alethkar on Roshar.

Highprince Roion is a tall light-skinned man with a dark, well trimmed beard. His princedom is the smallest and is located on Alethkar's north-eastern border. Roion's army is known for having the best archers.

He is the first of the highprinces approached by Dalinar in the hopes of negotiating a joint plateau assault in the Shattered Plains.[1] Since Roion has won the fewest Gemhearts of all the highprinces on the Shattered Plains, Dalinar believes he would be the most prone to agree in order to gain greater spoils.[2]

Battle of Narak

He attempts to stop Szeth from killing Dalinar, rushing Szeth with his bodyguard. Szeth destroys Roion's sword and lashes him into the sky, then kills Roion's guard. Roion dies on impact with the ground.


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