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世界 瑟尔
关联 忠爱
媒介 艾欧符文
前提 宵得术
类型 正值




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In order to draw a functional Aon, the Elantrian drawing it must intend to do so, or else the glowing lines used to draw the Aon won’t appear. Aons can also be crafted out of other materials by Elantrians, like stone or wire. In this way they could make amulets and the like, that had an actual magical effect.

Each Aon has a unique effect, which is determined by its shape. It appears that the energy can only get to the Physical Realm in certain pulse lengths and frequencies, so an Aon’s shape only allows for a certain frequency to escape, which has a specific effect. If an Aon is the wrong shape, it may do nothing, the Aon will flash once and fade away. Sometimes if it is targeted at a person or group of people, it could cause them to appear like the Elantrians after the Reod.


While Aons are undoubtedly powerful, in order to specify certain traits, like how long a column of fire from an Aon Ehe will last, or where an Aon Tia will take you, additional lines must be drawn around the central Aon to modify its effects.


  • Linking Aons - used to link subsections of Aon lists together, it controls the timing of when other Aons take effect.
  • Setting off different chains of Aons
  • Modifying power levels of Aon effects.


In extremely advanced uses of AonDor, multiple Aons can be used in conjunction to modify each other in Aon equations. These are used to channel the Dor in the most specific ways allowed by AonDor. With it, Elantrians could fabricate any object out of nothing, although the sheer skill and practice required makes Elantrians who can do this extremely rare. In addition to its regular effect, it appears that each Aon has a secondary effect that can be used in the Aon equations.


AonDor has a specific tie to the land of Arelon. The base Aon Aon is shaped like the land of Arelon, with its lines and dot represent the coast, Atad Mountains, and Lake Alonoe. Every Aon reflects some trait of the land, such as the Dii, the Aon for wood, contain circles where the forests of Arelon fall. This is a very fluid relationship; as the land changes so do the Aons. When an earthquake created the Chasm, a new line was required in every Aon to make it functional.





数百年来,艾欧铎运作良好,伊岚翠人在王都伊岚翠统治阿雷伦。However, when the earthquake caused the Chasm, the Elantrians became the target of the now malformed Rao that made up Elantris and the Outer Cities. This caused them to become cursed and foul looking, as well as robbing them of their access to the magic system. They didn’t know where the new line was, so they couldn’t use the magic. Most were slaughtered mercilessly by the terrified citizenry.


Raoden managed to discover what was wrong with the AonDor during his imprisonment in the city, and he repaired the Rao and restored the city to its former glory. He, an Elantrian, took his place as king of Arelon, ruling from the city of Elantris.



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