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别译 芮心
分类 柔刹
阵营 乌斯提姆的商队
种族 人类
文化 泰勒拿人
宗教 激神
发色 白色长眉
服装 马甲
师从 乌斯提姆
世界 柔刹
系列 飓光志
小说 王者之路(插曲POV)
配图:© Botanica




—— 莱丝的服装描写[1]


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—— 莱丝对乌斯提姆如是说[1]

Five months into her apprenticeship to Vstim, Rysn went to Shinovar with her babsk to trade Soulcast metal for chickens, cloths and exotic dried meats. She found Shinovar very strange because of its ecology, lack of spren and the Shin culture. After setting up an Alerter fabrial, they met with their contact Thresh-son-Esan. She was surprised to learn soldiers are the lowliest of men among the Shin while farmers are lavished with attention and respect. Vstim and Thresh started bargaining, each one taking pains to explain how worthless their wares were which Rysn found very uncharacteristic of her babsk. They eventually came to an agreement and Vstim asked Rysn what she learned. She answered that the Shin are a humble people and remarked their haggling. Vstim told Rysn to get a pot of the Shin grass and care for it until she no longer found it odd, saying that would make her a better merchant. She thought the grass was imbecilic.[1]

Despite what Rysn thought, the goods they bought from the Shin proved to be very profitable. This caused Rysn to name her pot of grass Tyvnk, meaning "sullen", because she refused to be sullen at being so overtly wrong while Vstim was right so she let her grass be so. They eventually made their way to the Reshi Sea with a caravan of sixteen longboats laden with people and goods purchased cheaply in lands rimming the Purelake, guided by a Purelaker named Gu. Rysn acted as the trademaster because of Vstim's sickness.[2]


莱丝:You will take the trade. You will trade with me.

塔里克:Oh? And what makes you say this?

莱丝:Because Relu-na approves of boldness.

—— 莱丝与雷希商人塔里克对峙[2]

Rysn was astonished to find out the "islands" that the Reshi lived on were the backs of greatshells called Tai-na, much to the amusement of her companions. Like in Shinovar, she found the locals to be primitives and were dismissive of them. Once they landed, Vstim told her that she would have to trade with the Reshi because his weakness would ruin the deal and to be bold while dealing with the Reshi for they would appreciate that. While Rysn, along with Kylrm and Nlent, was making her way to the meeting the Reshi trademaster, she ran across people jumping from the top of the Tai'na to the sea. An Aimian named Axies the Collector, who was hanging upside down and tied by his feet to a shell nearby as a punishment for asking the king about the soul of his god, informed her that the Reshi did this as a sign of courage. They continued climbing all the way to the Tai-na's head to be met by the King, who was a woman to Rysn's surprise, and her guards. A man named Talik stepped forward and asked Rysn why Vstim was not attending. Rysn informed him she was authorized to handle the trade but Talik told her the deal was off. Rysn continued trying to convince Talik to take the deal, but he would not back down. Rysn, thinking the only way to gain the Reshi's respect was to show her boldness, jumped down from the head of the Tai-na whose name Talik had told her was Relu-na. Falling down, for a split second she saw the eye of the Relu-na, then felt a rush of wind and crashed into the sea. She fell unconscious.

They jump. To prove courage. I thought... I needed to be bold...
—— Rysn to Vstim[2]

When she woke up, Vstim told her Relu-na had slowed her fall and saved her life. Rysn figured out that Talik was a former apprentice of Vstim, he wasn't as sick as he appeared to Rysn and he had set up the trade with the Reshi as a practice run for Rysn. Vstim told her she had both her legs shattered and he didn't know if she would walk again. He told her, however, that she would most definitely trade again and that the other Reshi islands would line up to trade with them. He told her they had come to the island to trade for the corpse of a larkin. Rysn was also gifted with a live larkin by Relu-na.[2]



Rysn is being trained as a merchant by her babsk Vstim. She is a good observer of character, being able to guess the reasons for the way Vstim traded with Thresh for which Vstim lauded her wisdom.[1] She is determined while bargaining, perhaps too much so considering how she nearly crippled herself by jumping off the top of the Tai-na in the Reshi Sea.[2] Perhaps her biggest fault as a merchant is her prejudice against other nations and cultures. She constantly complains of being dragged to "backwater" places by her babsk and she usually considers cultural differences from the Thaylen that she sees in other people a sign of primitiveness. Vstim is trying to remedy her lack of an open mind by making Rysn care for plants and animals from the places they visit.