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Barnes & Noble B-Fest
总数 1
日期 2016-06-11
地点 Orem, UT
报告 Patillian
原帖 Tor.com
1. Brandon disabused me of my little theory about a herald. He said the shalebark gardener working in the night when Dalinar and Navani walk by was just a gardener. He was purposefully trying to show “regular” Alethi alongside the more prominent soldiers and leaders.

2. Another interesting thing I heard was when he was explaining a little about the secret organizations to a young lady who was a fairly new fan. I didn’t hear the exact question, but Brandon spoke with certainty when he said that Amaram and Gavilar were Sons of Honor. I had taken Gavilar’s involvement with a grain of salt to this point. He also said that we know the most about their purpose–to return the Voidbringers as a means of making the Heralds return–and they they were the “most wrong.” He said that we can pretty much infer the purposes of the diagram group through the epigraphs and text. He said we basically don’t know anything about the Ghostbloods’ purposes. (which matches what Mraize told Shallan. I am very excited to find out more about them and if they know Hoid)

3. The funniest moment — there was a young couple talking to Brandon and Isaac about possible baby names relating to Brandon’s writing. I kind of tuned that out when somehow they got to Brandon saying “Stop, that’s a major spoiler,” and telling the 17th Shard folks filming that they had to cut that part out. I kind of wish I had been listening and simultaneously am glad I wasn’t. That goes along with a full-crowd Q&A question earlier about beta and gamma readers. I think I would be a good gamma reader at least, but I don’t think I would want to kill the excitement of cracking the book and experiencing it on release day.

4. Finally, Brandon RAFO’d me on my question about “the wicked thing of eminence” that Alice theorized about. I asked “Was the wicked thing of eminence an action of spren, of men, or both?” I didn’t go into this with him in a line, but my theory is about the spren.