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2015年10月10日 旧金山Borderlands Books Limelleth 17th Shard 外部链接

Have we seen Odium’s champion?
RAFO. (He did mention that this was only the second time someone had thought to ask this particular question.)

What are the odds of making a Stormlight RPG?
If the Mistborn RPG goes well, maybe in the future.

In Hero of Ages, I don’t quite understand why Hoid is in Fadrex, going around the city, gathering information?
Not many people do! It’s an intentional secret, I have to wait a little while longer to explain it.

Does Hoid go to the same place the Elantrian’s (Elantrians are? ) going?

Is Stormlight an infinite resource or a finite one?
Stormlight is a renewing resource.

How far away from the original Mistborn trilogy is The Stormlight Archive?
From the original Mistborn trilogy? 300 years-ish. It’s happening kind of… Just before The Alloy of Law era.

Does the spren have to be present for a Surgebinder to have their abilities? Because with Dalinar, the Stormfather won’t be around all the time...
Good Question! Fortunately, the Stormfather is a little more omnipresent. Normally you’re gonna have to have your spren close, but the Stormfather absorbed... is basically Honor’s cognitive shadow, which means he’s got a connection to a lot of different things, so he’s not bound by a lot of the rules that others are.

The whole Cosmere thing, is there an end to it, and do you have a specific year in mind for when that will be?
Yes, there is an end. Here’s what has to be happen before I finish it. We have to do another two Mistborn trilogies, The Stormlight Archive, at least three Dragonsteel novels. That’s the soonest I can do. I’ll probably have to do a few more Elantris and Warbreaker, but that’s the minimum. Because the third Mistborn trilogy is where we bring things to a head.

So alternate ending of Well of Ascension … [???] three more spirits… [???] if another Shard would show up [with the?] mist spirit, is that in [???] (Note: Referring to the middle of this page: http://brandonsanderson.com/mistborn-2-alternate-ending-part-two/)
That’s in.[???] There are things you don’t know about the mist spirit yet I am planning to reveal soon.
Have we met any of those three yet?
For what I was planning there, yes, you have.
Does Alloy of Law take place after the whole Stormlight sequence?
I have not nailed down the exact timing, but it’s at least after book 5 of Stormlight. Because I haven’t nailed down exactly how long
Do the glyphs on Roshar have any fundamental connection to [the geography? Some confusion about if they’re connected to Sel.]
I’m not going to answer that yet, since I’m going to dig into what’s happening on Sel later.

I was wondering how you pronounce Szeth.
I say “Zeth.”

There were a few questions here, potentially interesting, but I couldn’t catch any of it. I think this was FirstSelector though, so maybe he remembers? http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/46503-quick-note-on-willshapers-and-elsecallers

So I’ve noticed a certain syllable, “Vo,” that turns up in this book [Warbreaker] and also in Vorinism. Is there supposed to be a link between Vo, the First Returned, because there seem to be a great deal of similarities between the monks of Austre and the Ardents.
So there are, um, more links between the planets than people know about, and I’m not going to confirm or deny anything. But the fact that you’re finding words that are connecting, like Worldsingers and Worldbringers, says that there’s… intentional connections. I’m not [confirming a connection], I’m saying that these theories should not be dismissed out of hand.

In Shadows for Silence one of the characters refers to “Justice has died here.” Is that the actual Shard of Justice?
That’s a great theory! (Big grin, raised eyebrows.)

If you could be a Misting, what would you be?
I’d choose steel because I would like to fly around.

If an Allomancer found themselves on Nalthis or Roshar, would they be able to use chromium on someone using Stormlight or Breath?
I am staying away from answering too many questions like that until I start having it happen. But do know that the magics interact... some ways they interact very naturally, some ways, they don’t. One way I’ve released is, you could use bronze on most forms of Investiture to find it. So you can extrapolate that some of these things would work. But not necessarily all. All of them could be made to work.

Shardblade vs. lightsaber, which one would win in a clash?
Depends on who’s writing it, I or Lucas. If I were writing it, I’d say they bounce off each other.

Is there a limit to the amount of energy that can be extracted from an end-neutral system (e.g. two Skimmers powering a mechanical device [a Terris-wheel!] by alternately storing their weight and keeping it normal).
You can totally do it. You are drawing Spiritual energy into the Physical realm, so there is actually no loss of energy, it’s just a transfer from one realm to another.
Same with Lifeless?
Yeah, the sustenance for life is coming directly from the Spiritual plane. The whole idea is that energy is getting recycled back into the Spiritual plane (Can’t quite make this out:) by people dying and things like that, so…

Could an old [Feruchemist] go and transfer his Coppermind to his star pupil using Hemalurgy?
Like Deliberate…? Right. Ask me that question after you’ve read a few more Mistborn books.

How did you design a magic system to fit multiple time periods?
Mistborn’s a bit of a special case, since I’d planned it all from the beginning. So I was able to plan things and hold them back,knowing that I could use them later. That part of the whole idea behind not having all of the metals get discovered in the first books, and holding back this idea of Twinborn and things like this… though that was a little bit of a happy accident. I was mostly going to focus on Savants.

How does Harmony know about radio?
There are actually two answers to this. First, Harmony was given a grand understanding of the laws of the universe during his Ascension. Second, Preservation had some limited precognitive abilities. Either one of those can lead you to the answer.

I was wondering, is Nightblood a Shardblade?
Nightblood is an attempt by someone who didn’t know how Shardblades were made to create a Shardblade using a different magic system.
If Nightblood feeds on Breath, but Szeth doesn’t have it, will it feed on Stormlight?
Nightblood can feed off Stormlight, but Szeth can't draw in Stormlight right now. So Szeth better not draw that sword, for a while at least.

I began reading your novellas, and I was wondering if you had any plans to follow up… [??? Sounds like: Like the Shadows one?]
You may see these worlds again, and you may see these characters again, but there are no planned sequels to these books.
So those guys in the ships [in Sixth of the Dusk] were the Mistborn people from the future, right?
Not gonna tell ya.

Brandon recommended the writings of Brent Weeks and Brian McClellan multiple times to various questioners asking for authors with a similar writing style to Brandon. Especially the book The Black Prism.

Do you think we are likely to get another story in the Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell world?
Yeah, you’ll probably get another story in the same world, just different characters.

Remarkably, somebody else asked the “Is Nightblood a Shardblade?” question here and got pretty much the same answer as above.

I was wondering about the Ryshadium. So, they can’t be tamed, so where do you go to [get them from]?
You will find out some of this in Book 3.

I read some stuff, it’s pretty old, about the sequel to Elantris. Are you still planning on doing it, and is it the same thing?
It’s still the same thing, and I’m still planning to do Sarene’s uncle, Kiin, and his family as the main characters.
And do we get to learn more about the monks, the Dakhor?
The Dakhor, yes. You will find more about them, it will take place over in, uh, Fjorden.

Somebody said that you were writing “hands all red” in all the books, can you tell me what that means?
It’s just a line from the book I feel captures the tone of the book well.

If a Mistborn burned both cadmium and bendalloy, would the bubbles be exactly the same size?
That is an excellent question that I am not going to answer just yet.
If they were the same size, would there still be a barrier between the area of normal time and the area of (maybe) distorted time?
RAFO. In general, cadmium bubbles are bigger, but you can influence the size.

More of Sixth of the Dusk world?
You will see more of the world and the characters, but I am planning a sequel.

Is it possible for spren to move from one planet to another?
It is possible for them to get to other planets. They are tied to certain realms… A lot of them reside in the cognitive realm and are pulled into the physical by their bonds--
Would they bring the same magics?
That you will have to wait and see.

What were Wayne and Hoid talking about outside the carriage?
When Marasi goes into the carriage with the Soother & Rioter pair - were they really a Soother and a Rioter?
Why do you ask?
I have a feeling that one of them was not an emotional Allomancer.
I believe that they were, yeah. I’m not gonna string you out on that one.

Aradel doesn’t sound like he is from Scadrial, seems out of place with his dark - well, tanned, - skin.
Aradel is actually based off Goradel, he is a descendant of his. So he is local. The skin, there are streaks of dark skin in Scadrial, they don’t associate them 100% with ethnicities because of the small [gene] pool they were building from, and they are stronger in the Terris bloodlines. So if they see someone with darker skin they will likely think they are from Terris, but there’s so much intermixing so that you can’t really say. Wax would have a darker complexion, maybe like a tanned caucasian.

Can all Shards have champions?
This is a, um, Theoretically possible, but you’ll find more about the backstory of why this works here (presumably he is referring to Stormlight).

If you dropped a speed bubble whose border goes through an aluminum tube, is the inside of the tube affected by the time distortion?
No, the bubble would go around the tube.

Could - would - Odium ever work with another Shard?
If he were in charge. This is within the realm of possibility. In fact, that may have happened at various points. (I swear I can hear his sly smile…

Do you have a name for the veil, or the division, between realms?
I’ve had like three of four different names, but I haven’t settled on one yet.

Is crem spren poop? Or at least… not literally, but something like it?
Yes, it’s more like Shard poop. (Somewhat unsure sounding?)

Navani’s emotion fabrial, are those correspondent to the Thaylen Passions in any way?
Yes, but the Thaylen Passions would’ve come second to some of this.
So through a cultural filter--...?
Yes. There is no magic to the Thaylen Passions, they are a religion but with no magical component. Sometimes a religion is just a religion.
Note: Navani has an emotion fabrial that is laid out like the double-eye. The Thaylen people swear by and maybe worship the Ten Passions. For instance, Rysn exclaims at one point “Oh Craving Passion of Need!”

Is aluminum shielding from emotional Allomancy strictly line of sight? So, can someone in the basement bypass somebody’s aluminum hat on the first floor
No, they could not. You just put enough aluminum there and it disrupts.
So it disrupts like a field.

There is quantitative difference in Allomancy (e.g. Elend is stronger than Vin), there is skill difference (e.g. Breeze is better than Vin with zinc), but is there a qualitative difference too?
That’s the scale of what we call savant. Wax can do more with less. It’s not just skill, the burning for long, using for so long, will actually adapt your soul to the power.
So can bronze savants pierce Copperclouds?
Yes, a bronze savant should be able to pierce copperclouds. It depends on the strengths of the Coppercloud and the strength of the savant, but yes.
So Elend could theoretically learn to pierce Copperclouds?
Weaker ones, yeah, totally. He can learn how to do it by brute force.

Are Steelpush and Ironpull strictly momentum conserving
I believe they are, Peter has the math, but I believe that they are. You are not losing anything to the cognitive and spiritual realms, if that’s you are asking. You are pulling energy from those places, but only to cause the push/pull.