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This is outrageous! The dictates of the Five rule us, not the will of a single person! Can’t you see that the form, the new form is overriding her! You’ve all lost your minds! Or...or worse.
—— Abronai on Eshonai's coup[1]

阿布罗奈Abronai is a Parshendi man who serves on the Parshendi ruling council, the Council of Five on Narak in 1173.[2]


When the discovery of stormform is put before the Five, Abronai supports Eshonai in her proposal that she be the first to take on the new form.[2] He believes that since the spren again return to grant mankind the ancient powers of Surgebinding, as Eshonai witnessed in Kaladin, that the Parshendi also need to reach for the forms of power.

When Eshonai returns praising the benefits of stormform, Abronai initially agrees that they should have their people take stormform en masse.[1] However, due to Eshonai's new harsh and cruel personality and Zuln's objections, he becomes uncertain. Also, Abronai is still offput by the red eyes of stormform and skeptical about whether it can truly summon a highstorm.

After Eshonai's words stir the Parshendi people into rebellion, Abronai is taken into custody with all the other Parshendi who refuse to take stormform.[1] He likely escapes with Thude and the rest of the dissenters into the chasms of the Shattered Plains.

Appearance & Personality

Red eyes. Have we come to this?
—— Abronai on stormform[1]

As Abronai represents the interests of the mates in the Five, he took matingform.[2] In private conversations with Eshonai, Abronai expresses distaste for the form and a desire to switch to another. Abronai appeares plump and lush, like all mates, however he maintains better control over himself than others in matingform.[1] Abronai wishes that peace could have been reached with the humans when Eshonai meets with Adolin Kholin in the guise of Dalinar. However, he cares for his people more, despite his fears of stormform, he initially supports the idea of converting all of the Parshendi into the new form. However, once the changes it has wrought on Eshonai become clearer, Abronai is strongly opposed to the idea.