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阿德罗塔吉娅Adrotagia is the head of King Taravangian's scholars on Roshar.[1]


Adrotagia grows up as a close personal friend of Taravangian.[1] She referrers to him as Vargo and he calls her Adro, even as adults. At some point, Adrotagia is married, although her husband later dies; she still burns a glyphward for him each day.

Adrotagia, along with Mrall accompany Taravangian to Jah Keved in the wake of the Jah Keved war of succession.[1] The three of them go among the soldiers, comforting them, and she is there when Szeth returns to confront Taravangian about the Surgebinding he had seen Kaladin perform. After Szeth is sent on his way, Adrotagia accompanies Taravangian when he speaks to the King Valam in his final moments.

Appearance & Personality

Adrotagia is an extremely intelligent woman, and while she may be a scholar, she is also one of Taravangian's most trusted advisors.[1] She knows of his fluctuating intelligence and even attempts to measure it, plotting a graph proving his random level of intelligence follows a normal distribution curve. Adrotagia also helps aid Taravangian with the Diagram. She did work on its translation and interpretation.[2] Adrotagia also presumably helps with the Death Rattles, which were used to keep the Diagram accurate.[1] She keeps in contact with Dova, the ardent who collects them. Adrotagia also keeps track of the various Unmade on Roshar, more specifically Nergaoul and Moelach.