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Renarin Kholin
头衔 寇林公国的王子
出生 生于1154年年[1]
分类 识真骑士
阵营 阿勒斯卡王室
种族 光眼种
民族 阿勒斯卡人
宗教 沃林教
职业 军人
发色 金黑交杂(黑发居多)
肤色 褐色
服装 寇林军蓝制服
饰品 眼镜
武器 碎瑛刃(未命名)
工具 供把玩的小方盒
阶职 识真骑士
体系 飓能术(光启/续延)
能力 预卜未来
家族 寇林家族
父亲 母亲
达力拿 名字暂缺
亲戚 伯父 迦维拉尔
伯母 纳瓦妮
堂兄 艾尔霍卡
堂姐 迦熙娜
同辈 哥哥 阿多林
上级 第四冲桥队 卡拉丁
师从 泽奥
大陆 柔刹
世界 柔刹
小说 飓光志
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I am not the first hero’s son to be born without any talent for warfare. The others all got along. So shall I.
—— 雷纳林对自身的认识[2]

雷纳林·寇林Renarin Kholin,出自《飓光志》系列。是一名阿勒斯卡国的光眼种男性,寇林家族达力拿·寇林的二儿子,阿多林·寇林的弟弟。This makes him the nephew to Gavilar and Navani and cousin to Elhokar and Jasnah. This makes him second in line for the princedom of House Kholin, after Adolin as primary heir.[3]


While very little of his appearance is explicitly described, it is assumed that he bears a physical resemblance to Adolin. His hair color contains both blonde and black, like his brother's, though Renarin has more black than blonde.[4] He is also distinguished in the fact that he wears spectacles, though due to the process of Stormlight healing, his eyesight is repaired and he stops wearing them.[5] Like all officers in the Kholin army, Renarin wears his uniform while out in public, though because of his physical weakness, his uniform has never seen battle.[6] He has blue eyes.[请求来源]


Renarin is soft-spoken and thoughtful, and tends to pause and consider responses before giving them. This can occasionally make him seem calculating or unnerving to those with whom he speaks, though those close to him know him to be otherwise.[1] He is shown to be non-confrontational, such as his attempts to avoid Wit's mockery through silence and his attempts to keep Adolin from starting fights. He has a small box that he fiddles with on occasion.

Despite his subdued personality, Renarin shows courage and a desire to be useful, even in situations where he does not have experience or extensive training, such as riding out to help when a chasmfiend attacks despite great risk to himself.[7] He is also the first to enter the ring to help defend Adolin in Shardbearer duel, despite his lack of training and being unable to put on his Shardplate in time. During this fight, he uses his Shardblade through the onset of a minor seizure and the screams of his shardblade. Through these events, Renarin shows that he values the lives of his family over his own, being willing to put himself in great danger if it might help the people he loves.

Renarin shows an inquisitive streak as well, especially in regards to fabrials.[8] On multiple occasions he inspects fabrials around him and asks questions about their functions. Despite this, he is not interested in joining the ardentia to become an engineer.[9] He seems to enjoy being knowledgeable upon specific subjects, and will speak about them if asked, for example, Adolin mentions that Renarin is very well versed in wines. [10]



Renarin grew up with his family in Kholinar as the second son of the highprince. While Adolin began sword training at a young age, Renarin did not, as a result of his "blood weakness" making him unfit for combat.


Renarin's role in the war for vengeance against the Parshendi is a minimal one, and this is a fact of which he seems very aware and unhappy. His father and brother were warriors and Shardbearers on the front lines of conflict, but there was very little for a second son to do who was not allowed to fight.


Renarin is very close to Adolin, and respects him greatly. The brothers show a high level of trust and friendship. Renarin also has a very strong relationship with his father, and he wishes to be a son of whom Dalinar can be proud. He shows a high level of respect and obedience to his father's wishes, and occasionally acts as a mediator should his brother and father have a disagreement.

Outside of his family, Renarin is not shown to have many relationships, however the King's Wit has taken particular note of him. Wit teases Renarin whenever they meet, though it is good-natured, and Wit tells Dalinar that he teases Renarin to try to help him overcome some of his nervousness and shyness.

More recently, Kaladin and the other members of Bridge Four have become the primary bodyguards of the Kholin family, Renarin included. Renarin appears to trust Kaladin greatly, asking to become a member of Bridge Four under his command. In turn, Kaladin shows great intuition in understanding Renarin's condition and motivations, allowing him to train with the other members of Bridge Four.[11]

Despite the imminent possibility of her becoming his sister-in-law by marrying Adolin, Renarin has very few interactions with Shallan Davar until the Battle of Narak. During the battle he is taken by a vision while working with Shallan, and she regards him as an annoyance who gets in her way.






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  • 识真骑士所拥有的飓能术是光启和续延,前者表现为幻象魔法,我们可以从以沙兰为代表的织光骑士身上看到;后者是增生、治疗或重生之飓能。我们并没有看到过雷纳林施展这两种飓能术。
  • 雷纳林声称自己可以预见未来,但以上两种飓能术皆无此能力。而且雷纳林的“预见未来的幻象”也不是主动施展飓能得来,而是被动接受,甚至受其驱使在墙上刻上倒计时。
  • 光辉骑士总是和其对应骑士团的主保圣人的神性有一定程度相符,帕莱阿的主神性是“学识”,然而雷纳林并不是学者。