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Dragonsteel Prime
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初版《龙钢》Dragonsteel Prime was Brandon's seventh novel and was written as part of his Masters Thesis when working towards a Master's Degree in Creative Writing. Five copies are currently held in the Harold B Lee Library at Brigham Young University, four of which are available for circulation.

Brandon has stated that it was not his best work.[1] He plans to rewrite and publish the series after the completion of The Stormlight Archive.[2] Sections of the book, including locations such as the Shattered Plains were later re-purposed in The Way of Kings, but Brandon considers some of the other events to be canon.[3] He had some trepidation over removing the Shattered Plains because, though it was not as essential to the story, he felt it was the part of the book that worked best.[4]

The Liar of Partinel and The Lightweaver of Rens were later planned as prequels to the main Dragonsteel story arc, occuring several hundred years earlier. Brandon has indicated that when a reworked Dragonsteel Prime is published, he will likely call it 'Dragonsteel: Book 1' and expect the readers to connect it to the previous two books to avoid the confusion of starting his story arc with 'Dragonsteel: Book 3'.[5] The story takes place on Yolen and focuses on Jerick, but also includes other viewpoint characters such as Topaz, also known as Hoid.


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