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The Eelakin are an ethnic group on First of the Sun, indigenous to the Eelakin Islands.


Although traditionally a tribal society, the Eelakin have started increasing their technology level and moving away from their trapper heritage. This is spurred by the Ones Above, who have been trading maps and technology to the Eelakin. Aviar have always been important to the Eelakin. Otherwise, travel on the waters would be extremely dangerous. Many of the Eelakin are dependent on the trappers; without the Aviar brought back from the Pantheon they would unable to function as they do. Because of this, many Eelakin wish to make a permanent settlement on the Pantheon and subdue the islands like they did to the Homeisles. This project has been headed by the Northern Interests Trading Company. The Eelakin are ruled by a council of twenty chiefs.[1]


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