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The Pantheon is an archipelago of more than forty islands on the minor Shard world of First of the Sun. The islands of the Pantheon are at least three weeks travel from the Eelakin homeisles.[1]


Each Island has a name and personality associated with it. The islands are considered the Eelakin's gods, Patji is the ruler of the islands, or also known as The Father. Trappers are trained on Sori and once finished with their apprenticeship choose an island to trap for the rest of their lives. They are considered priests of the island. With the exception of the island Sori, trappers tend not to visit the other islands.


These islands unlike the Homeisles are only inhabited by a small number of nomadic trappers, the Eelakin who maintain small hidden camps within the island.


The islands are host to a number of exotic species, one of which is a group of birds called Aviar who host a magical parasite[1], which gives them unique powers, most notable of these powers is the ability to Conceal peoples minds from Predators who are able to locate creatures by sensing their minds.


The Pantheon is home to a very large number of extremely dangerous plants and animals. Most notable of these is are the large beasts that live beneath the water and hunt the waters and shores of the islands. A large number of the animals hunt via a mind search. Almost all plants and animals on Patji can kill instantly and makes Australia seem all warm and snugly. Sori is apparently more forgiving but still dangerous.

Known Islands

the largest of the islands, and the ruler of the pantheon.
the smallest of the islands, and closest to the homeisles, she is loved and protected by all the islands. She is used as a training ground for Eelakin trappers.


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