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别译 法榭
别名 泽奥
分类 跃界者
种族 Returned
文化 Idrian
职业 学者
阶职 Returned
体系 Awakening
能力 跃界
配偶 Shashara
世界 纳尔西斯
小说 破战者(POV)
飓光志 - 光辉真言(出场 + 插曲POV)

瓦西尔Vasher,又名KaladStrifeloverPeacegiver the BlessedTalaxinWarbreaker the Peaceful,是纳尔西斯的一位重生者(Returned),为“五贤者”“Five Scholars”之一,还拥有一把叫做“夜血”的黑色魔剑。






Vasher was born on Nalthis[1], but nothing is known about his natural life. Upon being returned, the Cult of the Returned named him "Warbreaker the Peaceful."


==== Five Scholars ====五贤者 Vasher was a member of the Five Scholars. He worked with Shashara to create Nightblood, among other things. 瓦西尔是五贤者之一。他与[Shashara]一起制造了夜血剑等物品。 He and Shashara married shortly before he slew her with Nightblood to prevent the knowledge of its creation from being disseminated. 与[Shashara]婚后不久,瓦西尔用夜血剑手刃了她,目的是不泄露剑的秘密。 Fighting broke out when Arsteel attempted to disarm Vasher so as to talk sense into him. Arsteel, however, was slain by Vasher in their duel for at first unknown reasons. As Arsteel was the superior swordsman, Vasher was forced to use a trick to win the fight. When, during the events of Warbreaker, he fought Denth, we learned how he defeated Arsteel: He passed on a small quantity of Breaths to Arsteel, and slew the other Scholar when the shock of receiving Breath stunned him. The same way Vasher beat Denth.

Arsteel企图缴械并说服他时,两人开打。决斗中瓦西尔杀死了Arsteel。由于Arsteel剑术更高超,瓦西尔不得不在战斗中使诈。在《破战者》中与Denth对战时,我们才清楚他采用的诈术:将驻气传给Arsteel,趁其新得驻气眩晕时将其杀死。瓦西尔用同样的诡计打败 Denth。 ==== The Manywar ====百战 Vasher, then known as Kalad, started an aggressive war between his kingdom, Hallandren, and the kingdoms of Kuth and Huth. The exact details are unknown, although it was hinted that Vasher was the first to strike. He believed war was unavoidable and decided to attack before the others did instead of trying for peace. The war ended when Vasher, having seen the death caused by the war, used his own creations, Kalad's Phantoms, to take control of Hallandren. 瓦西尔,当时被叫作卡拉德,发动了他的国家[Hallandren]]对 Kuth 和 Huth的侵略战争。详情未知,但都认为是瓦西尔首先开战。他认为战争不可避免,决意不待外交手段、先发制人。

Historians were confused by his sudden change of heart, so it was eventually decided that the war was ended by Peacegiver, through diplomacy.

Peacegiver's Treasure

At the end of the Manywar, Vasher gave his store of Breaths (approximately fifty thousand) to the priests of Hallandren. It was passed down from God King to God King, all of whom had their tongues removed so that they wouldn't use the Breath.

Vasher in Hallandren

At the beginning of Warbreaker, Vasher used a trick to get himself imprisoned in the God King's palace. He escaped his cell and killed Vahr, in exchange for Vahr's Breath.[2] He later on rescued Vivenna and taught her to awaken. He helped Vivenna undo her work of trying to get the Idrians to start a war. Later on he broke into the God King's palace and got trapped by Denth. He killed Denth and told the God King how to use Vasher's army to stop the army of Lifeless which the Pahn Kahl had sent to attack Idris.

He then sets off to confront Yesteel who was attempting to restore Huth and Kuth.[3]


Vasher worldhops to Roshar, where he is known as Zahel.[4] He is a reclusive warrior ardent who teaches the Kholin princes and Kaladin how to sword fight. 瓦西尔跃界至柔刹星球,在这里他被叫作“扎赫尔”。