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Winds is an Eelakin working for Northern Interests Trading Company on First of the Sun.[1]

Winds was a member of the Patji expedition.[1] He traveled with the company on their ship to the island of Patji in the Pantheon and stayed in the main fortress that the expedition constructed. While Vathi, one of the leaders of the expedition went to scout a site for a second camp, Winds stayed at the fortress. He and some of the others opened up one of the machines that the Eelakin had gotten from the Ones Above when one of their number died on First of the Sun. They hoped to learn how the machine functioned.

When Vathi and Sixth of the Dusk arrived at the fortress after crossing the island during the night, Vathi told Winds to turn off the machine that they had gotten from the Ones Above.[1] Winds told Vathi that they had not turned on the machine. Vathi believed Winds to be lying to her, but he then explained to her that they had merely opened it.